Pete's Trip Reports

Walking trips

I originally got into walking as a temporary measure, to give my knees a rest from the cycling, after overdoing it a bit with too much early season mileage. But it seems to be a slightly addictive activity, so quite a few years and many trips in the UK and Europe later, my to-do list of walks continues to grow. Most recent project was the Wales Coast Path, which is apparently the world's first ever continuous path covering the coastline of an entire country, which I just completed in July 2014, after 4 separate trips, and which turned out to be an excellent trail. Also the Thames Path, which we have been working our way along at a rather leisurely pace, with weekends here and there over the last couple of years, for which we finally reached the source of the Thames also in July 2014 (trip report coming soon). Full list of walk trip reports below, in date order.